Thursday, February 6, 2014

9000M2 Software Part 11 - Paging Settings

In this tutorial you will learn how to adjust Paging settings  with the TOA 9000m2 GUI Software application. 

Click the PAGING Button to open the PAGING Setting View. Here you will find priority input sources, trigger functions and output assignments. All settings are stored independent of scene memory.

Here You can program up to 32 Paging presets.

To program a Paging Preset, first select the priority input Source.

Then, Select the Trigger that will activate the paging preset--this may be a contact closure, a button press from a remote controller keypad, or Vox threshold.

Then, indicate which outputs the page will be assigned.

Also, a page can be used to synchronize a contact output relay, this may be useful to trigger an external piece of equipment. You may sync up to 12 contact outputs when using the C-001 Expansion Card.

Finally, you can assign the priority mode to indicate what happens when multiple sources with the same priority are fed through an output at the same time: Last in First out, First in First out, or all sources mixed at the same time.