Tuesday, December 10, 2013

TOA 9000M2 Software Part 9 - Output Assignments & Crosspoints

Setting Output Assignments


In this tutorial you will learn how to configure output assignments  with the TOA 9000M2 GUI Software application.

Click on the Crosspoint Matrix block to call up the output Assignment view.

The crosspoint matrix represents inputs assigned to outputs with inputs represented as rows and outputs represented as columns.

New projects default to all inputs assigned to all outputs, represented by orange box. Clicking a box will turn the box to RED and will activate the cross-point fader. This fader adjusts the selected input channel's contribution to that output channel.

Click the button again to turn the output assignment off.

Keep in Mind that any source input that has been assigned assigned with a priority will not be included in this view. Priority inputs are managed in the paging settings. In this example Input 2 has been assigned a priority and is therefor not included in the output assignment view.

You may click the ADJUST button to transmit your Output Assignment settings to a connected 9000M2 unit.

Be sure to visit our YouTube page for more 9000M2 Software tutorials.

Tech Tip: How To Resolve A MAC Addressing / IP Conflict

By Rick Escobar, Product Support Assistant Manager

Anyone who works with equipment that has a MAC address and IP address have run into the main topic of this tech tip. Heck even a banana these days has networking as a feature. 

Problem: Cannot login to a unit or even ping it with a windows operating system.

Let's use two of TOA's NX-100 units, and set them both to maintenance mode. (NOTE: many TOA products have an IP Address of right out of the box)
Connect one of the units to your switcher.
Open a DOS prompt and enter 'ping'

Result: The unit will pass the ping test without an issue.

NOTE: From a DOS prompt type 'arp -a' this will display the MAC address currently associated with

Now, move the Ethernet cable to the second NX-100 unit and again ping

Expected Result: Good chance your ping test will time out. If you type 'arp -a' again, you will see that it is still using the previous NX-100 MAC address.

TIP: You can use your QWERTY up / down arrows to use a previous typed command.

What's going on?:
Your PC is still associating the previous MAC address with This is stored in the Windows Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) Cache. Windows Vista, XP and 7 should release the ARP Cache all on its own after 2 minutes. However, if you are moving quickly, you are very likely to run into this issue, and may even end up in a loop where it may appear as if your unit is defective. Also, I have encountered an operating system that was not releasing the ARP Cache, and forcing a refresh was the only option.

From the DOS command prompt enter 'netsh interface ip delete arpcache'. This will force the ARP cache to refresh and allow you to connect to the unit you were unable to connect to before.