Wednesday, May 29, 2013

TOA Introduces New M-864D Digital Mixer

TOA will debut its new M-864D Digital Rack-mount Mixer at InfoComm13. The M-864D is housed in a 4U rack chassis and is based on a next-generation 24bit/96k DSP. It has a compliment of 8 Balanced Mic/Line Inputs (using removable balanced Euro-block connectors), plus 2 Stereo channels, each of which may be assigned any (or all) of three Stereo Line inputs (on RCA connectors) plus an additional 1/8” stereo input on the front panel. These may all be selected remote. The front panel features easy access controls for most basic functions, including  linear fader volume controls for each channel, and up to 16 of TOA’s ZM-remote wall controllers may be directly connected and programmed for volume, scene select and various other functions. The M-864D can be programmed and controlled from the supplied GUI software via Ethernet connection to a Windows PC. The units DSP compliment includes a 3-band EQ for each inputs channel, Input Trim, Phantom Power and a Mute/Duck circuit allowing the mic/line channels to override the stereo inputs to allow for paging over BGM functions. Each mic channel also includes an independently selectable and adjustable Feedback Suppressor to provide optimal gain before feedback when using microphones. The 4-bus output section includes a 10-band parametric EQ and ARC (Automatic Resonance control) processor. The patented, exclusive TOA DSP (originally introduced in the TOA DP-K1) quickly and effectively reduces the worst effects of reverberant spaces, maximizing speech intelligibility. The M-864D is ideal for use in multipurpose meeting rooms, gymatoriums and other large spaces.. Its cost-effective, feature-packed design and easy-to-use interface will make it an easy choice for schools, conference centers and houses of worship. The M-864D carries TOAs 5-year Audio Product Warranty and will be available for sale in the Spring of 2013.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

TOA at InfoComm13

TOA Electronics invites you to visit booth #1343 in the Audio Pavilion at InfoComm in Orlando, FL, from June 12-14th, 2013. TOA will be displaying its Paging, Sound Reinforcement and Intercom system solutions focusing primarily on HOW, Educational, Corporate Boardroom & Mass Notification, with live demonstrations of its systems in an applications-based environment.

Featured products on display will include:
  • M-864D Digital Rack-Mount Mixer
  • DP-SP3 Digital Speaker System Processor
  • SR-D8 Digitally Steerable Line Array Speakers
  • WT-5100 Portable UHF Tuner
  • IR-802  Wireless Infrared Classroom Sound System
  • VM-3000 Emergency Voice Evacuation System
  • PC-580RU UL-rated Ceiling Speaker
  • AV-20D Plenum-rated Class D Micro Amplifier
  • D-2000 Digital Mixing System
  • N-8000 IP Intercom. New Video & ADA Compliant Stations
  • Much more….
TOA will also be hosting a training session entitled “Understanding Mass Notification vs. Voice Evacuation”, Friday June 14th at 10:30am. The course is $25, which you can pay for with InfoComm credits.  You can register for this course by clicking here. Don’t delay, as space is limited!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Tech Tip: 70V output of the AV-20D

By: Yusuke Ueno
The MT-S0301 matching transformer allows for a 30W @ 70V output by connecting to the bridge output of the AV-20D. With this combination, the plenum-rated 70V amplification system can be achieved with a perfect plenum installation when installing the MT-S0301 inside of a plenum-rated speaker backcan, such as the HY-BC580U. The competitive plenum-rated compact amplifier still needs the external non plenum-rated power supply which must be installed outside of the plenum space. This system can therefore be a low cost solution with less installation fees and a less expensive 70V ceiling speaker such as the PC-580RU.