Tuesday, October 1, 2013

TOA 9000M2 Software Part 2 - Overview Main Settings Window

By Sean Barton - TOA Area Systems Engineer West

In this tutorial you will become familiar with the Main Settings Window in the TOA 9000M2 GUI Software application.

The Scene Memory View displays the list of 32 SCENE memories, as well as the currently selected scene. A SCENE is a memory preset containing all of the channel and routing settings associated with a given application. Each scene may be named and also assigned to be a power-on default.

The Main I/O Configuration View - This window provides an overview of the entire unit’s Input / Output configuration. It will show all channel names, available DSP & signal routing. Clicking on any “block” will call up that parameter in the edit window below.

The Active Edit View displays the currently selected parameter. When editing a parameter in the main view window, that channel & the specific parameter will be highlighted in both windows.