Wednesday, June 5, 2013

TOA Introduces New SR-D8 Active Line Array

TOA will debut its new SR-D8 Digitally Active Line Array at InfoComm13.  The SR-D8 contains 8 "cells", each with a compliment of a 4" low frequency speaker and a coaxially-mounted array of 3 - 1" dome tweeters Each cell is powered by an independent Class D amplifier. The SR-D8 System comprises two different models: The SR-D8-M (Master) and the SR-D8-S (Slave). A single SR-D8-M may be connected to up to three SR-D8-S units for linear 4-speaker array. A total of 16 SR-D8s may be connected in any given system. Each SR-D8-M has an input via balance analog line or CobraNet. The signal may be daisy-chained to other SR-D8-Ms via an AES/EBU link. The SR-D8s advanced 24bit/96k on-board DSP is controlled via supplied GUI software and is also accessible via web browser. The software provides full control of all SR-D8s in the system. It is possible to control the beam angle within a +/- 45 deg range and the beam may also be split two ways at any point along the array (from single to four-speaker configuration). The GUI software provides a full-compliment of parametric EQ, compression, delay and beam control. The GUI also displays a predictive preview of beam propagation for any configuration. One main advantage is the calculation time-from configuration selection to execution, the process time is instantaneous! This line array speaker is ideally suited for large atrium spaces, auditoriums & Houses of Worship. The SR-D8-M & SR-D8-S carry TOAs 5-year Audio Product Warranty. The SR-D8 System will be available for sale in the Summer of 2013. Visit the webpage for this product for more information and software downloads.